Beat the stress and gear up for 2012

Well it’s no secret that the holidays are both a fun and stressful time of year.  Take the time to thoroughly enjoy yourself, but also stay as true as possible to your “normal” routine.  You’ll feel more in control during this busy season.  Remember to get adjusted, exercise, and take time for yourself amidst all the festivities.

Also, make your 2012 TNR Events calendar.  Schedule ahead of time the seminars you wish to attend.  If they’re already scheduled in, it’ll be harder to make excuses and skip out on them for a picnic or whatever else for that matter.  No, you don’t have to attend every TNR event.  They are not mandatory.  But don’t for one second think you’re going to experience exponential growth if you only come to one seminar a year.  Get immersed.  Test out the Super Academy waters. It’s no coincidence that TNR’s biggest practices (some of the largest in the country) attend almost everything we have to offer.  Invest in yourself and marvel at the ROI.

You can always ask your Chiropractic coach for your individualized recommendations.  Though they’re likely to tell you anyway, if you feel you’re ready to step up and want a voice of experience’s opinion, ask them how you can grow FAST.  They’ll put you on the fast track.

Let’s make 2012 the best year for each and every one of you.  No matter what your goals are, let’s make them happen.  We love you all!