The words of Dr. Joe Flesia

“Few make it through with their own high level of personal power and create great success where they need it.  The true actualized human being.  The many who fail (99%) look to the “tit” of coaches and management firms.  Those who do not have what it takes still want to make money even though they do not have what it takes.  They hire others to help them create success where there would be failure.  However, their coaching success is empty and they contribute nothing to the onward flow of society.  The true leech.

Most Chiropractic coaching is like the quota system in our colleges today; give the “minority”  a chance in place of a non-minority who is better qualified just to balance the numbers.  Gone are the days of excellence, now, instead, we have parity giving equality to those not qualified. 

The era of Vince Lombardi is gone.  Excellence is no longer rewarded.  Today is the time of the common man who could never make it because he doesn’t have what it takes.  I am a dinosaur.  There has been a marked societal shift away from excellence.  Most are not willing to pay the price for excellence, so they create the illusion of excellence through financial facades.  Now, what matters is there should be a certain number of all kinds of people at the top, no matter that they are not qualified.

I could never get Renaissance involved in “management” and threw away many millions of dollars as a result.   However, I look back and see a track record of excellence because of personal power and never once was there compromise to make a dollar…or millions of dollars.  Now, no one cares.  Yes now is the time when mediocrity reigns.

Being a Warrior does not mean you live on the “good side of the fors” or that all Warriors agree on the same values, it just means your high achievement was made following the rules of personal power.  Now, it’s , be nice to him or her – don’t expect too much, it’s not excellence that counts, now what counts is making a false financial success out of a sh-bag.

Vince Lombardi demanded that you toe the line or you are out.  Now-a-days people call this “hammering”, all because you are supposed to have mercy and think of the other person’s feelings rather than find and facilitate the Warrior’s path for those who qualify.  I saw an article and picture on the Internet about Vince Lombardi and the loss of excellence all in the name of “everyone deserves a chance” – carry and nurse them all the way to “success”, just do not hurt their precious little feelings.  This is a world that is caught up in an ever-increasing downward spiral of humanity, fueled by the illusion of success.  Instead of a continuing evolution of man’s potential we see a downward mobility of our species to the point of no return for many.  You guys are no the many… you have what it takes to turn things around on a global level.  Don’t let the world down.  The world will never thank you.  They don’t even know they’re in trouble. Let your passion and purpose guide you.  Expand the vision now, before the world gobbles up a couple more dinosaurs.”

– Dr. Joe Flesia