Stop Selling…Start Telling the Truth!

Introducing our next seminar, and the first one of 2012: Stop Selling…Start Telling the Truth featuring very special guest, Dr. Billy DeMoss of the Dead Chiropractic Society.  If you want to make sure 2012 begins with a bang, get to Detroit on Saturday, January 28th.

All of our seminars in the lineup for 2012 are designed to give DC’s practical tools to effectively communicate Chiropractic to their patients.  Let this seminar mark the end of watering down what Chiropractic really is.  Let this seminar bring out the truth, and show you how to communicate it effectively.  Most groups are afraid to trudge through these rough areas, because wimping out is so much easier…but not TNR.  We stand proudly in truth, no matter what.

Dr. Billy DeMoss will give a WILD and PSYCHEDELIC presentation, guaranteed to lift you out of your seats and that nasty rut you might find your office in.  Looking to take your office to another level?  Dr. Billy D. wants to share how he started the famous CalJam, and how you can use the same exact techniques (no gimmicks!) to grow your practice.

If you’re prepaid, please give us a call and RSVP.  If not, go here to register online:  As always, you can register with Christy or Melissa by calling 800-525-3879.  We can’t wait for this seminar and it’s coming up quick, so reserve your spot now!