Being successful: like contouring, but easier

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The average DC is heavily in debt, out of fair exchange, has more than their fair share of crappy patients, and owns a practice that is definitely not worth all the blood, sweat and tears it took to become a DC.

The above average DC is always paying down debt in accelerated fashion, consistently gets high quality new patients, takes great vacations, and tends to out earn their peers by outrageously high numbers. Their patients love them, follow their recommendations, and refer like crazy. Meeting new people, asking for money and commitment; it’s all just part of the adventure. What was once difficult is now easy.


Why is being successful so hard?


Spoiler alert: it isn’t. Finding the tools to make you successful is the hard part. Once you have them in your arsenal and are constantly developing and upgrading them, being successful comes as naturally as breathing. Or if you’re a Kardashian, as easy as contouring.


So what are these magical tools?


Easy: communication, patient education, retention. THOSE are the tools of success. How you utilize them is up to you. And maybe we’re biased, but we’re confidant sure that the way we teach our DCs to utilize them produces accomplishment. And we have the statistics to prove it.


This is all well and good, but who has the time and money for training?


So glad you asked. We’ve just released a curriculum that will violently alter all previous conceptions you had of coaching. It’s called “The sky’s the limit”, and it’s a 30 plan that allows you to coach with The New Renaissance, gain access to our well stocked library of materials, welcomes you into a community of highly successful & supportive doctors, and lets you do this all for free.


Glad you kept reading, eh?


This program was developed to identify DCs who know their practices do not represent their talents, but making a choice on getting help seems so overwhelming. There are so many options out there to “improve” your practice, whether online, offline, BSOs, therapy, and nutrition salespeople – but these don’t help you practice the way you want them to. You know you need someone in your corner, but they all look alike and say the same things online. Here’s the difference:

Dr. Kevin was able to see things in me that I had long forgotten and exposed them as silent roadblocks to my personal growth and success in life and practice. He gave me the tools and steps to release the hold these experiences and beliefs are having on my life. I’m slowly implementing the steps and already experiencing a massive shift in my outlook, confidence and vision for my life. The most valuable thing I gained is a relationship unlike any other I have or have ever had in my life. I am truly grateful that I’ve been led to Dr. Kevin and TNR and am so excited for the bright future I can now see (and believe) for myself!

~Dr. Stephanie Spiers

Consider this your invitation to truly make the massive shift that you know you’re capable of. There’s no contract, no money down, and absolutely no risk. If the fit isn’t right, we’ll be the first to tell you, but what better way to find out than to give it a try? Invest in yourself, and you’ll start to see that the sky really is the limit.

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30 days of free coaching