Be a Thanksgiving Chiropractor

fancy foodSitting around the big Thanksgiving table is a great way to eavesdrop on how people perceive their Chiropractors. You know the deal, some of the people are part of your life and others are more distant, more strange, in their own little orbits of reality. Most of our extended family “regularly” participate in some form of Chiropractic care, but what I heard at the table will amaze you. One person said their DC has this new table that rotates and water swishes around you. One talked about how his DC was funny. Another talked about the electrical current, decompression, yoga, Zumba, and the cute massage therapist. Another counted them as their friend, doesn’t refer to them as doctor, and the office accepts what their insurance covers and doesn’t ask for deductibles or co-pays.

These same people all grumbled about the inevitability of disease, of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer, & more. The arsenal of outside-in treatments that they’d been given included drugs, surgery after surgery, inhalers, vitamins, & herbs, and although they certainly had PhDs in disease, not one of them knew anything about health. None of their DCs had a health awareness seminar or patient educational protocol. The care they received was aimed at pain reduction and prevention only. Of course there’s nothing right or wrong with this approach, but you and I know that Chiropractic is so much more than adult, musculoskeletal pain relief!

The turkey this Thanksgiving just seemed to keep getting stuck in my throat hearing all of this nonsense. There was no mention of a Chiropractor of excellence, no mention of a DC making a huge difference in their lives or the lives of their family. Their understanding and care were directed at symptom reduction only. They liked their DCs all right, but there was something in the way they laughed…were they laughing at their DCs?

What’s a real Thanksgiving Chiropractor?

thankful forHere is an actual list from a kid who comes from a family who understands health. He wrote this thankful list for Thanksgiving and notice that his DC is higher than the teacher and the dog – he is obviously in the fabric of this little guy’s life. The rest of his family feels the same way. Insurance coverage does not have the ability to sway/deter this family from receiving care because they are going to a Chiropractor of excellence.

The average patient visit average is under 10 visits and the average age of a new patient is 45-48 yrs old. These statistics are indicative of an office that only offers pain relief care and does not offer corrective or wellness care. Offering only one type of care simply does not address the health needs of modern family. No matter how busy people get, health will not wait for anyone. What you focus on becomes your reality.

Some DCs reading this will dismiss this article without a second thought and others will feel like it burns like coal in their souls. If you are one of those DCs, you know your practice does not reflect your talent or abilities and you want some guidance to see just how easy it is for you to have the practice of your dreams. For you, we have a gift. Click here or fill out the form on the right that says “free ebook” and you’ll be well on your way to achieving the success you know you’re capable of.