“Can Chiropractic help with..?”

You’ve had it drilled into your head to sound like a robotic doctor just spewing out scientific information. Chiropractic school taught you to speak scientific and analytical but not how to pick up on obvious social cues. If someone looks at their watch or is trying to walk away from you, they don’t want any more info. They probably don’t understand what you’re saying and want to leave the conversation.

Talking like that certainly makes sense to you but no to anyone else. It sounds complicated and foreign, like lectures you endured at Chiropractic College. It’s hard to venture out of the academic language that you’re used to.

However, you have to learn how to speak the language of the patient to be successful.

Here’s an example, you’re at a farmers market and your table is clearly set up as a Chiropractor’s and a woman asks you, “how can Chiropractic help with asthma?”

Your first instinct probably is to go off about never interference, relate back to Harvey Lilliard, VSC, and all kinds of scientific mumbo jumbo. It is slowly putting a barrier between you and the person and is stopping them from coming to your office.

Here’s what TNR members are trained to do…

They would simply ask, “Who do you know that has asthma?”

They will immediately answer and, usually, it’s someone close to them. It might be their child, a niece or nephew, a neighbor, or someone in their inner circle.

Ask to see a picture of them and they will whip out their cell phone and show you a picture of the little rascal!

Then ask how asthma is interfering with their life.

You are now making an emotional connection with that person, not creating a commercial relationship or sales opportunity.

Next time you’re asked what can Chiropractic do for x,y,z, don’t answer the question,  instead ask who do you know that has x,y,z and watch what happens.

As much as you have great clinical skills, they are pale in comparison to great communication skills.

Have both, not one or the other!

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