Who do you work for?

Maybe you’ve been in practice for a while or you’re just a tadpole DC, either way, one thing is for sure…insurance companies run the show. Up to 40% of your time and resources are spent on the battle with insurance companies for the money you’ve already earned. They are a giant and oppressive fear in your life. You can’t fight against them; they’re too big and powerful. They tell you who you can help, for how long, and dictate your entire relationships with patients.

In other words, you work for them.

Or do you?

Why are some DCs less dependant on insurance than others? Why are younger DCs who are successful taking less and less insurance?

Let insurance guidelines be just that…a guideline. They are not etched in stone. Unless it’s unlawful (ie Medicare), people pay out of pocket for uncovered expenses.

You have that choice to go beyond their meager reimbursement guidelines.

With all forms of care, they are well aware of uncovered expenses.

So if insurance coverage defrays $400 of the total bill, it’s okay to go above that figure and have your practice members pay for it!

Too many DCs are beaten down and afraid of rejection to do anything except what they are told by insurance companies.

Stop being a slave to these companies.

Do this with the next new patient you have. Be upfront and honest with them about the limitations of insurance coverage.

If they decide not to come in for uncovered care, that’s okay! That’s their decision and you stood before them and spoke your truth.

Chiropractors unwittingly subsidize the mentality that oppresses them and gives away their clinical and moral obligation to insurance companies that care only for profit…not people.

Claim back your freedom with your next new patient.

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