Change for the better

You know you’ve said these words, “I wish I could shift from insurance to cash.” You want to stop accepting nightmarish and low committed patients. You want more retention and referrals. Switch from insurance reimbursement recommendations to clinical recommendations. Don’t you want to see more kids, difficult cases, and wellness care?

What really stops us from practicing the way we want? Why do we obediently follow the restrictive medical mandates?

There are solutions but there is a price to pay for freedom.

Remember, we already know what we want.

The real problem is getting there.

Are we that afraid that our income will be forever cut off, like an allowance to a kid being shut off?

Will we get in trouble and lose our true practice members? Will insurance companies not like us? What really stops us?

With helping a lot of DCs to the practice of their dreams, it’s always the same thing…making the decision and not allowing people’s opinions affect you.

Cash practice is not the only way to practice. Neither is having real recommendations, being truly successful, and seeing kids, difficult cases, and wellness care.

They are all choices of discerning DCs who choose to live life on their own terms.

Starting today, move in this direction. For most, going cold turkey is just too chaotic and is too stressful. Take a baby step. And then another the next day and so on.

If your youngest practice member is 15, see a 14-year-old. If your goal is moving from insurance to cash, refuse to send your 10th request for payment, limit it to 9.

You don’t need anyone’s permission just make it more fun, more in line with who you are, and what you stand for.

Just a small step toward practicing the way you want to!   

If you’re ready to finally have the practice of your dreams, click here to schedule a FREE consultation. This is a defining moment in your life and practice.