This will make all the difference

I know what you’re thinking…a snazzy new way of selling something to people that they don’t need, a new bright shiny object, or the next version of a temporary solution.

Sorry if this is lame to some readers but it’s none of those!

Here it is:

Calling your practice members and welcoming them to your office after their first adjustment. It sets the tone for the whole doctor-practice member relationship. 

Some reading this used to do this and then dropped off.

It makes such a difference with each and every practice member.

It’s the beginning of forming a relationship of trust with each and every practice member.

No texting, that’s cheating. Leave a message.

I understand, most people will not answer your call live.

It still works.

Don’t ask them how they feel, rather welcome them to your office, tell them it’s your privilege and honor to be their DC (or however you’d like to say it).

Tell them they will get your very best.

It’s so reassuring to have someone in your corner.

The more severe the situation, the more comforting the call will make the practice member.

Some DCs will still ask what’s in it for me (even though it’s obvious) and here it is…RETENTION/DECREASED DROP-OUT/REFERRAL.

What’s in it for the practice member…they see that you truly care and it’s more than just a job for you.

It’s also the right thing to do.

Just because most DCs don’t do it and it’s extinct in other healing professions, it’s the exact reason you should start doing this.

Start calling your people after the first adjustment to welcome them.

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