They’re here, your worst nightmare.

It’s the patient that has to be seen immediately. They have to see you during lunchtime for their convenience. Their DC “is out of town”. They found your name not from one of your happy campers, but on social media or on an insurance inclusion list. They have also told your CA that they don’t want to wait, no exam, and no x-rays. 

What are you going to do?

As a DC, you want to give everyone a chance; however, your experience tells you they are going to be a pain in your keister if you accept them. Ever meet people who are full of themselves?

This is one of them!

They are already taking control of the doctor-patient relationship and this is just the beginning.

One thing is for sure, they are not interested in forming a relationship of trust with you.  They are treating you like a commodity, something to be used up and not to commit to.

One thing is for sure, you will not get their best effort.

It’s the same with their parenting, marriage, or employment. They just never show up and it’s always on their terms, they take and aren’t interested in giving.

Think of yourself as a personal trainer and your client begins with you by telling you the way it’s going to be.

How are you going to get results? Or are you okay with entering a relationship for money that is doomed from the beginning?

There’s so much more at stake in our offices than academics, technique, and billing software.

What about when it comes to recommendations?

How about fees, especially co-pays, and deductibles?

You are out of integrity with all your practice members who agreed to your guidelines.

Demanding and inflexible people rarely make good patients. They are frequently a drain on you and your staff.

When you accept one of them, you will get the ‘look’ from your CAs. But when you let them know they aren’t a good fit, you will get a “way to go!”

The solution is and always will be who you are and what you stand for.

You must be able to communicate with people your truth, not necessarily what they want to hear.

Don’t cave!

If on the other hand, if you’re desperate, you accept them and put up with their negativity, you’ll get a few insurance dependant visits out of them.

And the cycle of desperation in your office will continue.

You don’t think you have a choice in accepting these low-quality new patients.

The problem is that you will carry this negativity home with you to your spouse and family.

If you remember one of our previous Facebook Live videos on the Sweet Spot, there are certain people that you can’t meet their expectations.

This is one of them.

By allowing this nightmare patient to find another office, you will create a void so another patient can find your office, comply with your guidelines, get great clinical results, and refer in others just like them.

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