Take the challenge: 7 invisible practice mistakes you’re making

Face it, we as DCs sure like to do what we like to do. We avoid change at all costs, even if it’s hurting us in practice and in the pocketbook. Here are 7 common mistakes you are making over and over again without you even knowing it.

  1. Adjusting on the first visit. You are giving off the intent of an emergency room. If you plan on having the practice member stay for only a couple of visits, keep adjusting on the first visit. If not, knock it off immediately.
  2. Not seeing kids. You’re missing the mark if you think Millennials or Gen X parents aren’t looking for doctors to help them with their kids. 
  3. Inadequate recommendations. No wonder why so many DCs struggle with poor clinical results with difficult cases or even chronic cases…you aren’t going to touch these cases with a few visits.
  4. No patient education. Relying on the adjustment only is out of date and will lead to a pain relief only practice.
  5. Limiting your care to symptom and pain relief only. How about Condition Care, Corrective Care, and Wellness care? Stop practicing with an outdated model of practice.
  6. Not calling after the first adjustment. When speaking to DCs almost everyone says they used to do this, but once they got successful, they stopped.
  7. Not having a weekly Health Orientation Seminar. You’ve got to get people there with guests and you have to be spectacular. Interesting or informative doesn’t cut it anymore, they can turn on their computer to be bored.

Maybe you are doing lots of things right and maybe you are doing lots of things wrong.

Isn’t it about time you had fresh eyes look at your practice and morph into earning 3,5,10x your current income?