Never put up with a stubborn patient ever again

You know the type: the smart aleck, the one who makes condescending jokes about Chiropractic, and shows you where to adjust them. The “I’m too busy to come in” one, the one that critiques your adjustments, and how much time you should spend with their royal presence. The one you have to spend soooo much time convincing and proving just to milk a few insurance dependant visits from.

I’m going to show you how to identify potential practice members by their actions and their words.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew who you were dealing with before you started dealing with them? Many offices spend huge amounts of energy each week on a very small amount of practice members…the trouble makers and the rule-breakers.

Here is a concept created by The New Renaissance that delineates what we call Sweet Spot people from non-Sweet Spot people.

There is a vertical axis called involvement and a horizontal axis called commitment.  Low involvement in life means people are usually skeptical, negative, complacent, and accept mediocrity. Low commitment, well you know, just think of dating.

With the intersection of high levels of involvement and commitment is called the Sweet Spot. It defines a type of person that works well in your office.

Here are the characteristics of people in the Sweet Spot. They’re powerful, they cooperate, have an “I’ll find a way” mentality, enters relationships, accepts and embraces new concepts, leaves you energized, participates in and experiences life, accepts responsibility, and loves the community.

Then we have the all too familiar characteristics of someone outside of the Sweet Spot. They’re powerless, offers resistance, “I can’t” mentality, stays isolated, entitlement; somebody will do it for me, can’t satisfy expectations, and just observes life.

Not only do outside the Sweet Spot people sap your spirit, but they are also difficult to deal with and don’t refer. If they do, they refer in people just like themselves.

If you are doing an outside event or screening, a Sweet Spot person will make their appointment and keep it. An outside the Sweet Spot person will not honor their appointment and will not call you either.

At the report of findings, a Sweet Spot person will immediately agree and take care of the financial obligations. A non-Sweet spot person will give every excuse why this can’t be done.

Ongoing adjustments, Sweet Spot people come in they don’t linger, they are a part of your community, and they’re in and out, referring over and over. Non-Sweet spot people ask the same redundant, rhetorical questions that don’t have an answer and they want to suck your time.

Sweet Spot people will attend your weekly Health Awareness Seminar and they will bring guests, non-Sweet Spot people will give you the same excuses they did why they can’t accept the recommendations or can’t afford it, etc.

Non-Sweet Spot people don’t refer and yet they tell you they are telling all of their friends. Sweet Spot people produce results, period. They don’t talk about it or make excuses for a lack of results.

Accepting non-Sweet Spot people can become a way of life with many DCs. Your purpose and passion will all be ground down and you will lose your MOJO, guaranteed.

It’s not that Chiropractic can’t help non-Sweet Spot people; they will never allow themselves to be helped. Know that some people are better served by not being a part of your office. Create a void that must be filled with Sweet Spot people. Your spouse will be smiling, your CA, and your CPA!

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