Can it not be done, or can you just not do it?

Whenever attempting difficult tasks from relationships, kids, illness, wealth, practice members, and more, it pays to tell yourself this: there are many things you will encounter that you will have little or no control over. What do you say when your lover Fine Art Classsays they have found somebody new? Or wasn’t attracted to you in the first place? What do you say when your body becomes ravaged with an unexpected illness or trauma? Or when somebody passes on? Let’s not confuse things you can’t control and things you can.

How about wanting to operate a ultra-successful TNR style cash practice? It’s the alpha skill, but the majority of DCs will not develop the necessary skills and mindset to be able to pull it off. The amateur always looks to the mechanical, the list of exercises, the number of sets while the mindset, thoughts, and behavior of the DC who gets results when nobody else can is completely ignored. How about DCME’s? Same deal. If you think every DC has the same intent or amount of healing, it’s just not true.

One way of looking at it is to equate it to developing your skill to paint or sing. You use the same muscle to sing as you do to speak, yet there is a method to developing these muscles that can’t be bought, sold, exchanged, or conferred, they can only be earned and developed. As for drawing, most of us still draw the same stick figures that we mastered in 2nd grade. Our drawing skills remain dormant our whole lives because we never bother to develop them. Can you sing or can you draw? Without TNR style training, not likely.