I just want to be considered successful

TNR welcomes all DCs on the path to greatness, but you won‟t feel comfortable being just average in a group that radiates greatness. When people are confronted with decline, failure or slumps, all too often the knee jerk reaction is to withdraw, downsize, back off or mutter the Q word (quit). We had a spouse call up to offer their “constructive” criticism of TNR, saying it takes his spouse away too many weekends and is too expensive. She has invested $37,000 in coaching fees only to earn $160,000 more in less than a year. When advised of her husband‟s call, she was mortified and then told me that he was having emotional issues, anger mixed with depression (malepause) and what really, really pissed him off was how happy she comes back from weekend TNR training events. Had a DC2B call up and complain of being overwhelmed. She was asking for my blessing to take a few quarters off, earn some extra cash, and then return to Life U. She didn’t take kindly to the advice to stay in school, suck it up, and stop hanging around negative people. Even if she didn’t think so herself, I knew that if she bolted, she would never return. When you‟re not accomplishing your goals, the answer is more, not less. Push yourself further, work harder, challenge yourself more. When push comes to shove, quitting or lightening the load just doesn’t get the job done.