Resisting the temptation to play small and play safe

Throughout all phases of your life, an alluring little voice inside of you whispers sweet nothings in your ear, persuading you to take your foot off the gas pedal and reminding you that inspiration, growth, and meaning are overrated.  Go with what the majority are doing.  Look for acceptance and approval from the majority. From politics to religion to Chiropractic, just ‘fit in’ with the majority. If the majority of people believe Chiropractic is adult, musculoskeletal pain relief only, then that is what it is.  Fit in, don’t rock the boat, give people what they want and do not, under any circumstances, stand out.  Become a face in the crowd, just another DC.  Just surround yourself with Facebook likes and you will be fine.  You don’t need to waste your time thinking about being great…good is good enough.  Or is it?  r&r sandbox

There seems to be two polarities in life; one leans towards growth and playing big, while the other bends towards security, comfort, and playing in a smaller sandbox.  In society and especially as we mature, there is a natural ‘gravity’ that will snatch you from growth and the extraordinary, to security, comfort and the ordinary…you don’t have to worry about finding stagnation, stagnation will find you.

So many of us have been given ‘decrees’ from people of authority in our lives to get a steady job, to marry rich, be responsible, lose the fun or adventure once you get out of college and join the ‘real world’ of boredom, lowered expectations and drudgery.  Play it small and play it safe.  Seek the approval and acceptance from the majority even if it means being untrue to yourself. Losing one’s integrity is the pact that many make with the devil in order to fit in.

If you have accepted marching orders defined by others, your life will seem dull, lots of ‘busyness’, not much achievement, no risk or opportunity, ordinary, but never extraordinary.  However, if you were given low marks about your value or gifts and don’t agree with the assessment, you will find an adventure waiting for you, otherwise known as TNR.  If there is a formula for success in TNR, this is it: finding a community or culture that flies in direct opposition to what others have burdened you with. This is the typical hero’s story or transformation that is the gold standard of TNR.