Street Cred

When we ‘land’ in Chiropractic school, we are immersed in the academic world of professional test takers. This limits our real life skills of building a successful practice. Three hour exams will not help your future practice.  There is a marked emphasis on learning about things that may or may not contribute to a DC2B’s success. If people in your past doubted your abilities, you may just start to believe that Chiropractic is like you: LIMITED! If you put your spirit into rules, regulations, boards, academia only, trying to play big after graduation is going to be unbearably difficult. There has been a marked shift in Chiropractic, but also the whole of society from playing big to playing small to minimize the threat of injury…and to fit in with the majority. You know the drill, seek acceptance and look for the majority’s approval.

77% of graduating DCs work as an associate a “Wii” degree. They stay in their comfort zone and do their virtual adjustments on their virtual Wii, too afraid to put down the controllers and do it for real. Taking that step and running your own successful practice is terrifying for the majority who are desperately trying to fit in. The New RenaissanceThey don’t want to venture out of their virtual reality into the harsh world of actual reality.  They think to themselves, I can play small, never answer the question ‘do I have what it takes’, I can sidestep ever having to live up to my dreams and aspirations.  I can live as a slave to the god of smallness and nobody will know.

In TNR, you will be welcomed regardless of religion, technique, age, sexual preference, country of origin, etc.  We don’t care where you’ve been, we will assist you to get to where you want to be. You don’t need to look for acceptance or approval here. You will earn your stripes in TNR by belonging. By staying authentic and making choices to play big, you don’t give anything up. If fact, it’s the other way around, you start to develop a growling, a hunger that hasn’t been around in years. Getting to TNR events signals the conscious decision to do whatever it takes, no plan B’s, no do-overs. When members see other members at events, there is a knowing nod of they made a choice to be at a training session. That’s street cred in TNR.