Check the Lost and Found

Coaching for Chiropractors

Where did I put that banana?


All of us at one time have lost articles of clothing (especially socks), books, jewelry, money (hey, did I give that guy a $10 or $20 dollar bill?) or something that wasn’t critical to your day-to-day functioning.  It causes a little frustration but no real harm done, your life keeps going on with or without the missing article.  If you lost something critical like your cell phone or your wallet, it’s a whole different story.  You can’t think of anything except: I need to either find it or replace it.  When you lose a tangible object of value, you know about it.  What happens when you lose a non-tangible item and you don’t know it?

Enter the world of Chiropractic

At TNR, it’s all about Chiropractic coaching for purpose, passion and prosperity.  You might say, “Isn’t that what everybody wants?”  The answer is a resounding NO!  At our Chiropractic Seminars there are so many opportunities for DCs to have spectacular practices and yet, we meet so many DCs that have modest practices that don’t reflect their true potential, talent, or ability. Nobody went to school to ‘pay bills’, work in a toxic environment, or just get by.  They were at one time excited, ambitious and inspired about the Chiropractic message.  They had a dream but they lost it.

When we speak at Chiropractic Colleges

Having two daughters and a son in law at Life gives you a unique perspective of the challenges of future DCs.  We always ask the same question of early quarter kids:  “Who wants their own dream practice?”  And all the hands enthusiastically go up.  When we ask the 12, 13 quarter kids the same question barely anyone raises their hand at all.  What happened in just a few years?  They had a dream but they lost it.

Got no axe to grind with wanting to be an associate…

You know, get some experience and then strike out on your own.  The problem lies in when many DC2Bs went to school to have their own dream practices and they got beat down, lowered their expectations, and settled.  They gave up their freedom to practice the way they wanted to in exchange for doing what everybody else is doing.  When we speak at groups that are looking for Chiropractic coaches it is déjà vu all over again.  DCs sitting in the first row, seeing a handful of people, proudly proclaim that they are living the dream but the question is whose dream. Is it their dream or that of the head doctor?

It all comes down to having a respect and awe for Chiropractic; we can teach you everything else!

Most DCs who find us didn’t realize they had lost their dream. It’s so easy to get caught up with the everyday activities like student loans, mortgages, credit card debt, spouses, and children.  But once they rediscover their lost purpose and passion and the reason why they picked this career, their prosperity comes back with a boom, relationships inside and outside the office start to blossom again, and hobbies start to become fun again.  Once this happens it’s easy to teach any DC the X’s and O’s of Chiropractic as long as the dream has been revived.  Find that purpose and passion for Chiropractic and all roads will lead to success. That’s why we’re The New Renaissance, we’re the rebirth of Chiropractic.