Doing what you’re told, is that a good idea?

You can’t escape what’s all around you. Everywhere you go you see masks. People are wearing them in the supermarket, driving in their cars, and even in your office. These traumatized people are in survival mode and doing the best they can. They are looking for certainty during these uncertain times. If they spot that you don’t agree with their newfound beliefs they’ll attack and shame you in an attempt to get you to confirm.

How are you handling this as a DC?

Are you joining in the mass hysteria or are you serving on the front lines? Have you become a part of the problem or part of the solution? Are you afraid of the virus and do you believe Chiropractic has no benefit other than pain relief? Don’t lose your belief in Chiropractic, it has helped millions of people with health challenges other than low back pain.

Do you, as a college graduate of at least 9 years and a Doctor of Chiropractic, believe and participate as a lay person or do you stay in your lane?

Commenting on vaccines, hospital protocol, and policies won’t get the job done.

Don’t be against what others are attempting to do, stand for what you know to be true.  Demonstrate this through patient care. Demonstrate this inside and outside of insurance. Don’t allow others to dictate your ability to help people. You don’t need anybody’s permission to serve people.

The right to serve people has been earned by the thousands of men and women Chiropractors who came before you. They served people with or without a license, endured a lack of respect from many, risked going to jail, and helped thousands during the pandemic of 1918 as with all other types of incurable illnesses.

Before you drop the sacred baton that has been handed to you from the DCs who made this possible, reach deep inside of you for the courage to serve when others are retreating and shaming the Chiropractors who insist on being on the front lines.

Hiding your true abilities to blend in, to be accepted certainly doesn’t help people become or stay healthy. It also exposes a character flaw that may have been hidden until recent turbulent times.

Have you noticed the less principled a DC is, the more devastating the effects to their practice are?

If you think Chiropractic is just short-term, adult, neck and back pain, that’s your choice. It’s your right to practice in a limited fashion.

If you know in your heart that Chiropractic can help today, the same way it has since 1895, why the passivity now? Where did your warrior spirit go? Nothing worthwhile is ever given up, it must be claimed, seized, or demanded.

If you’re obediently doing what you’ve been told or think it’s a good idea, continue to sit on the sidelines. If you want to serve people to your highest ability, get off the bench and get to the front lines.  

There are many people who will accept your help.

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