You can’t buy your way out of your fears!

There’s been a secret enemy lurking in your practice for years. It can’t be blamed on external factors, it’s internal. You just haven’t noticed or have been ignoring it. It’s the conscious or unconscious fear of entering into relationships. It’s all around you, if you’re honest enough to admit it. You can’t get new patients, keep patients, or have people trust you because of this fear of relationships.

I don’t care to be an unwelcome ambassador of a concept that you won’t accept or embrace. It’s true whether you believe it or not. This is your practice, ability to help people, and your economic freedom or imprisonment. It’s your choice. There are no do overs or second chances.

How many DCs do you know have just an okay staff or have a lot of staff drama? Why would you waste your time dealing with these matters when the focus could be on your practice members? If you don’t have the ability to enter relationships, to lead, or build teams, you’ll waste your time with an unproductive staff. You’ll be hiring and firing constantly and spending time putting out the fires of drama.

Having a low patient visit average doesn’t bode well for building relationships. The lower the visit average the higher the fear. When you have this fear of making stable and long lasting relationships, your people seem like sharks and they zero in for the kill. They just want something from you and once they get it, they’re gone.

If you stay ignorant or won’t accept this revelation, you’ll continue to think you have a new patient problem when it’s really relationship and trust issues. When you set out to solve your new patient problem, you’re merely adding to your overhead and the return in income is very low. We’ve seen hundreds of DCs line up and buy into the next big bright shiny object.

If only they would invest in themselves and in a coach to help them build better relationships inside and outside the office forever!

The great thing about improving your relationship building skills is that it applies to all areas of your life including spouses, kids, friends, in-laws, etc. Not only do you not have to pay the overhead of a bright shiny object whether it produces income or not, you now work more efficiently, have more fun and of course earn 3,5,10x the income of an average DC who just won’t admit to their relationship making disability. Instead of addressing the real issue, for most, it’s easier to buy something that will magically solve the problem.  

All long lasting change must go through you and you’ll have to face your fears instead of attempting to buy your way out of them. I realize that some DCs might not understand right now, but if you’re open minded enough to learn more, we need to talk. There is no better time to coach! Click here to set up a FREE consultation.