Don’t believe everything you’ve been taught

Society has beliefs, morals, and norms that are invisible to the majority and yet they defy logic. Nobody questions how utterly ridiculous they can be. For example, busses don’t have seatbelts for the children but the driver does. Why is that? How about hand sanitizers which are the modern-day equivalent of ‘knocking on wood’. This is completely superstitious and without foundation. How about all the airborne pathogens that you breathe? Compared to the germs on your hands, a billion to one.

Along with these crazy beliefs goes the notion that Chiropractors are just back and neck pain doctors for adults.

Nothing wrong with that if that’s what you choose to be.

Millennials, Gen Xs, and now iGens are demanding doctors to care for them and their kids with ailing health.  

There is a price to pay for being shackled to an outdated model of care. The pain relief model is so limited, temporary and it doesn’t influence health.

Lots of us start, because of our training in Chiro College, in the pain relief model. But you do have the choice to upgrade and meet the demands of a changing population.

It’s not as difficult as you think if you are open minded!

Open concepts, dogs in the office, less and less insurance aggravation, children and adults side by side in a positive, and a community of health. That’s what a modern day office looks like.

Gone are the days of gowning patients, closing the door behind them, pretending to do medical tests and services, and spending 30 plus minutes with them.

Upgrading your office is completely voluntary…you don’t have to change.

But you will pay the consequences of not upgrading.

The younger generation is making their demands heard loud and clear; they are looking for doctors to help themselves and their kids.

They will drive long distances to go to a specialist that helps them with care above and beyond pain relief.

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