What makes an ideal coaching client?

There is a secret in coaching that is only spoken of in whispered tones…it’s what makes a great coaching client. It’s not what you think. All the information and mechanics of what to do will not help if you don’t possess this factor.

I call it coachability.

All DCs have the same degree and within reason the same thing, yet there can be 7 figures a year that separates them in income.

How can this be?

It might be hard to understand now, so let’s look at an example first.

As a trainer, you have the ability and the knowledge to help any person under the sun with fitness.

But why can’t you get new clients, keep them, get results, and referrals?

It’s not what type of exercise you do; it’s the relationship you create with the client. Are they inspired, are they willing to override the ‘quit factor’, and do give them acknowledgment and recognition?

If not, they will do the predictable; they will outright quit or say, “I’ll do these at home!”

And then another one bites the dust.

As DCs, are you willing to concede that your way is not working and to override the quit factor as a means to get the results you desire?

A lot of coaches will attempt to make you successful by selling bright shiny objects, weight loss, rehab, and everything else, but what about something above and beyond the superficial?

Always remember, no matter how much you believe it, pain and symptom relief is not health! It can only get you back to where you were; no better and no worse.

How about making a HUGE difference in the lives of others by using PURE CHIROPRACTIC? You can see kids, difficult cases, and wellness instead of the old, worn out adult pain relief model.

There is a sacred relationship when a coach and client come together. The coach becomes someone you can trust with your life. Some DCs never have this or accept substitutes like online coaching.

These DCs want more and need more to become successful and bring out their coachability factor. If you have this factor and just don’t have the right person in your corner, reach out to me. Within minutes you will see if the fit is right for you!

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