Behind the scenes at TNR

Hey there, my name is Emily and I’m Dr. Kevin’s right hand here at The New Renaissance. I’ve been doing a lot of observation recently and wanted to share with you a blog I wrote. Enjoy!

There have been many times I’ve clung to a familiar situation.

I didn’t push myself because I was worried “what if this doesn’t work out”. All my life, I have always been so fascinated with traveling. One day while in college, I had been toying with the idea of studying abroad. But I was reluctant because no one in my family had even left the country before.

I’m not sure what took over me that day…

I applied to one of the hardest programs to get into at my University. They only accepted 5 students, from across 4 campuses, to travel to Australia. After I sent in the application, I panicked. I was worried my mom would think it was “too big” of a dream to have, so I kept it a secret. A few weeks later, I got an email from the Study Abroad office and I thought, okay here’s the rejection. To my delightful surprise, the email stated, “Dear Emily, Congratulations! You and 4 other students have been accepted to Study Abroad for Fall Trimester in Sydney, Australia”. I remember screaming when I read the email, I called my mom immediately and was greeted with “Okay Em, let’s start planning!” The first week there was the most uncomfortable I had ever been. I didn’t know anyone. It took so long for me to come out of my shell but just like how I applied, I made myself do it. I traveled all throughout Australia and New Zealand and made incredible friends that I still speak to and see all these years later! Studying abroad was the best decision I ever made.

So you’re wondering, how exactly does my studying aboard have to do with TNR, well let me tell you.

I speak to DCs all the time. I hear them talk with Dr. Kevin as well as myself about how they feel let down by Chiropractic. They have debt up to their eyeballs and barely have time to spend with their families. They talk about how their passion is gone because patients don’t respect them or the recommendations that they make. They want to see children, difficult cases, and wellness care but aren’t sure where to start. After a few calls with Dr. Kevin, most DCs know the fit is right and are ready to join and start their journey.

But there’s always one or two who don’t. Recently, I took the time to think about why. And what I came up with is, fear. People are scared to move out of their comfort zone because they’re stuck in the familiar. They don’t want to live out their big dreams because they stay focused on the what ifs. So here’s my message to you, there is no dream that’s too big. Whether you want to travel to Australia or FINALLY have the practice you WANT and DESERVE, it isn’t crazy to get it! You can do this, there’s no time where you’ll feel “ready”. No one can change your life except you. Step out of your comfort zone and let Dr. Kevin and TNR guide you to become that once-in-a-lifetime DC. It’s time.

We’re here for you with any questions or concerns you may have! Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s start your journey.