Stop coasting through life…

We put so much time, effort, and money into becoming a DC and then it happens. We graduate and begin to practice. It’s then we see the surviving, coasting, or growing phenomenon occurs. It really doesn’t matter if you own your own practice or work as an associate or independent Chiropractor. It still applies to everyone!

Like with any profession, some people, it seems, are always mired in struggle and drama. They are constantly in a survival mode, just getting by. They fool themselves into thinking it will get better with time or they will win the lottery, marry rich, or win an inheritance.

After a DC goes through the survival mode, they have an opportunity to continue growing, but an invisible force enters and they take their foot off the accelerator pedal.  It’s so subtle, so invisible, and so gradual, you don’t even notice it until it’s too late. 

We see this in weight loss, marriage, parenting, etc all the time.

It’s easy to take what you have for granted and you stop weeding, feeding, and fertilizing your practice.

You stop doing the very things that made you successful and start cutting corners.

The concept of coasting begins to enter your life.

We start coasting or, worse yet, go back to survival mode. Almost like a game of cat and mouse, we do just what we need to stay ahead of bills, keep our current lifestyle and obligations, but we throw the towel in when it comes to growth.

When you originally made the decision to become a DC, most did not have playing small as part of the game plan. There a lot of non-sustainable ways of playing this game from sharing space with other similar minded DCs, practicing out of your home or apartment, or becoming an ‘Uber’ style DC driving to homes or offices.

You can coast indefinitely, but one day, something important to you will wake you up.

You will usually not see it for what it is, it’s an opportunity for you to wake up and stop coasting and become a once in a lifetime DC.

And then there’s growth.  It’s treated with many superstitions, considered lucky by many, fortunate circumstances (great location, good insurance coverage, etc).  It’s really doing lots of things that other DCs just won’t or can’t do.

Giving your best effort to each and every one of your practice members is where it all starts. You have to have the courage not to be pushed around by your practice members.  Letting people who don’t fit in your office find their ways to an office that is more like a Burger King DC (have it your way, no exam, no x-rays, and a visit or two).

The amazing part about growth is that it energizes all parts of your life. Everyone wants to be around you. Success seems to follow you and you encounter less resistance.

You will remember the growth periods in your life forever!

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