Don’t get lost in the digital age

For those of you know me, I’m famous for holding out on my private life. I don’t showcase it on any form of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even though I don’t put my personal stuff on these platforms, I know how to transform your office online or offline to the tune of 3, 5, 10x your current income.

Principles and the message don’t change even if the vehicle does. In today’s digital age, social media can play a huge part, if you choose, in your practice. We have ultra-successful offices that barely use social media. In other words, it’s not the vehicle, it’s the principle, who the DC is, and what they stand for.

Sustainable success is created by being able to communicate your unique message. People who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime DC want to find you. They’re done with the pain relief only and face in the crowd DC.

If you are constantly attracting patients that are commitment disabled, it’s your message, not the vehicle you’re using (online or offline).

There are a few things you may want to update regularly; this includes a functioning website, continual blogging, videos, emails, and more. This is the easy part. The challenging part is having the courage to be doing something different from other DCs.

It seems like in Chiropractic, the traditional wisdom from coaches is to get with the program and start selling everything from modalities, essential oils, weight loss programs, and more or you can’t be successful.

What if there was a better way?

There’s nothing wrong with DCs who don’t care what they sell as long as insurance pays for it. That’s their choice.

My coaching is not about convincing DCs how to practice. It’s about guiding DCs who love what they do to be ultra-successful without betraying the patient’s trust.

There is a growing population of DCs who actually want to serve lots of people from kids to adults with difficult cases and be compensated inside or outside of insurance.

There’s so much emphasis being put on these vehicles instead of principles. These can include digital marketing, social media ads, SEO, pay per click, and more. Again, the vehicles are constantly changing but the principles don’t.

If you want to see more people, keep more people, get referred more people, see kids and adults other DCs don’t see, then contact me about showing you how your office would look with a transformation in it.

With an upgraded system in place, each patient that walks through your door is worth 3,5,10x that same patient walking thru the door of the DC down the street.

That’s true, sustainable economic advantage inside or outside of insurance.