My Chiropractor is better than yours!!

So many DCs are petrified of bad reviews online from patients. The trolling and zinging people online has become a sort of national pastime for many. As a TNR DC, instead of being scared and walking on eggshells, you’ll welcome the input of your patients.

This is an example of a real review about one of our TNR offices on Facebook.

My chiropractor Steiner Family Chiropractic is better than yours! We joined to help Cole with some issues and this is what we got!

  • A welcome sign with our names on the wall for our first apt – Cole felt so special
  • An appointment time that allowed Cole to see his friend get adjusted as they were scheduled right before us! made all the scary thoughts go away!
  • Constant reassurance before and during appointments and they are sooooo good with kids of all ages!
  • A welcome call after our first apt
  • A handwritten thank you note personalized just for Cole – again he felt so special

Businesses just aren’t like this anymore and I’m so thankful to live in a town where they are. We’ve met so many amazing people and the Steiners are a shining example of what a true family business should be!! #chiropracticadjustment #chiropractor #kidschiropractic

Having a humanitarian viewpoint (win-win) as opposed to the business model (adversarial, betraying patient trust, one wins and the other loses) will help create trust with patients. Patients will feel safe in your presence and have confidence in your recommendations. They won’t shy away even if obstacles like fees, insurance, and difficult cases come up, they’ll know it will work out for the best.

Too many DCs attempt to complicate their offices and become slick salesmen. They are convinced that they need to sell anything that insurance will reimburse for.

Patients see right through this!

Once you have a complete system of patient education, know how to form relationships of trust, and emotional connections, patients will drop their resistance and begin to cooperate.

Imagine if all your patients thought like this.

When you have tried all of the marketing/sales tactics you’ve been told are essential: think of this online review. Think about how you can drop all the bright shiny objects from your office and get back to pure Chiropractic.

Exceeding expectations is what TNR Chiropractors do. I can teach you too how to exceed expectations (not meet them) for your patients.

Click or call and I’ll show you how to practice as you’ve always wanted to with less reliance on ‘gimmicks’ and sales.