Oktoberfest: Atlanta Edition


It’s 88 degrees in October (I’m from the North) yet there is a fire pit blazing. There were hot dogs, bratwurst, a keg of beer, enthusiastic Georgia Council of Chiropractic members (students and doctors), CAs, and a few VIP practice members. It’s a Saturday night and lots of people who had a hunger for Chiropractic philosophy were there to keep their internal fires ignited.

The GCC is one of the few groups remaining in the country that have a subluxation based philosophy and guide members to be able to practice the way of their choosing.

I met so many great people from students to DCs nearing retirement. The thing that struck me most profoundly was that DCs were wondered if they were “missing out” on something if they weren’t using all the BSOs (bright shiny objects) of marketing and sales.

You know decompression, weight loss programs, copper bracelets, lasers, rehab, physical therapy, and etc.  Anything insurance reimburses.

That’s where the real money is, isn’t it?

You have a bloated overhead, a disdain, and callousness towards patients, a loss of passion and purpose in life. These are things you shouldn’t dismiss lightly. Having this attitude will infect your personal life. You’ll lose your connection with people. You’ll cease to see the beauty around you.

With coaching north of 1,000 DCs, my experience is that principle based DCs have a lot more fun, lower overhead, and have more profitable offices (versus the sale based ones). They also have a lot less relationship strain at home because of their devotion to their patients rather than viewing them as sales objects.

They treat patients how they treat everybody.

A student asked me after I spoke if it’s really possible in the digital age to practice without all the add ons and to be successful.

I could see the pain in his eyes. He thought, like many practicing DCs, that you have to “get with the program” or “cave in” and become a salesperson. You sell the latest form of income relief for DCs or pay the price of having an average practice that merely pays the bills.

What about if there was a better way?

There is, it’s the TNR way! Your office can be packed with kids and adults who want to be there and choose to participate inside or outside of insurance. They’re in it for the long haul. They want more of you and Chiropractic, not less!

I meet so many DCs in my travels that want to see kids, wellness, acute care, and difficult cases, they just don’t know how. This causes them to drift toward other income-producing activities to provide for their families.

There’s nothing right or wrong with any income producing activity. It’s not my place to tell you how to practice. My place is to guide DCs who want to reclaim their freedom to practice the way they choose. They can be ultra successful without betraying their patient’s trust.

If you’re in, I’m in. Contact me and I’ll show you what the practice of your dreams looks like.