Leave the pain relief model at home, we’re updating!!


You went to school with a dream and now you’re doing what you were trained to do. Your practice has become day to day of seeing adult pain relief only with a sprinkle of complaining and demanding patients. You’re working more, making less, and your energy seems to be in a downward spiral. Chiropractic school didn’t teach you how to get out of this rut…truthfully; they didn’t even tell you about it.

I have guided north of 1,000 DCs and many of them wanted to do more than just the outdated pain relief model only. They wanted to see more kids, difficult cases, and patients who care about their wellness. What they all had in common were they weren’t sure how and if they’d be successful doing so.

The majority of coaches and consultants that coach DCs will give you an ultimatum: become a salesperson in your office or have a practice that is average. Here at The New Renaissance, we will give you the freedom to practice the way YOU choose. There will be no more dependence on weight loss programs, essential oils, botox, modalities, and etc. The only reason these would be in your office (when you coach with us) is that you want them there and they aren’t an economic crutch.

There’s a better way to practice and we have the solutions.

What if instead of being bogged down with complaining patients, you had ones that were excited and passionate about their health? And what if you were able to see them inside or outside of insurance? (hint: if this sparks your interest, continue reading)

My coaching isn’t about proving or convincing you how to practice. It’s for the DCs who are tired of being just a face in the crowd. They are looking to be successful using pure chiropractic.

If this sounds like your office…maybe it’s time to give us a call. If you feel like you’re open to receiving some expert guidance, The New Renaissance is here for you.

You can schedule a free phone or video consultation on the Schedule a Free Consultation page or by call/email to TNR headquarters.