It’s time for the real YOU to shine!

Your spouse for the most part “doesn’t see” (convenient isn’t it?) all the day to day things you do.  They think your house stays clean automatically, the clothes get washed, and kids can get to their school and sports activities alone. You don’t complain, you just do them, because if you don’t, they don’t get done. 

These tasks are time demanding but they have to get done. They can wear you don’t invisibly or…sometimes, not so invisibly.

You do these things over and over out of love. Whether you want to admit it or not, it also adds to your tiredness. This burden then spills over into your practice…and your life!

I’m fond of saying the smile is on your face and not in your eyes. There’s a reason so many female DCs aren’t as successful as they would like to be!

These demands may be unrealistic but it’s hard to say no.

Whatever way you choose to practice; as an associate, owning your own office, you can be successful if your office runs efficiently and you have a plan.

Whatever way you choose to practice, as an associate or owning your own office, you can and will be successful with The New Renaissance. We’ll help you get your office running efficiently with a plan.

Gone are the hour-long exams and hour-long report of findings. Gone are the ‘deals’ we make with patients. Gone are the exceptions we make on an ongoing basis with patients that leave CAs heads wagging in disgust. Gone are the thoughts that someone else is going to rescue you, the insurance companies, your state board, Chiropractic associations, and etc.

You have all the tools you need already. You have the talent and the care for patients but it’s not being expressed.

You don’t need more social media, advertising, new tables, or carpet. You need to be able to communicate who you are and what you stand for.

The New Renaissance attracts female DCs who have always suspected there is an untapped potential within and are willing to accept guidance to realize this potential.

You don’t need to become a salesperson of whatever the next biggest, bright shiny object of the year is. That’s for DCs who have forgotten who they are and how powerful Chiropractic is.

Being a female DC fits like a hand in a glove when it comes to families, children, difficult cases, and etc.

Asking for help is also a success factor that separates females from males. A male would rather continue to struggle than to ask for help.

Take the plunge today and schedule a video chat or phone call and let me show you what your office would look like with the real you in it!