You weren’t prepared to be successful


You went to school with a dream…a big dream.  Now that you’ve graduated, you’ve learned the hard way that practice is nothing like what they taught you in school.  To be in debt north of $250,000 and to earn under $100,000 is obscene!  You weren’t prepared to be successful, not by a long shot.

The majority of coaches and consultants in our profession give you the ultimatum; get with their program and become a salesman with everything from rehab, weight loss programs, lasers, and vitamins all the way to stem cell, botox, gym ownership, etc., or struggle with a practice that is average.

What if there was a better way to practice that would benefit the patient and the doctor?

What if you were swamped with high-quality new patients that loved you and your office and referred others in just like themselves?  And what if you were able to do this inside or outside of insurance?

I have guided more than 1,000 DCs and many of them wanted to do more than the outdated pain relief model only.  They just didn’t know how to and weren’t sure if they would be successful doing it

The New Renaissance isn’t about proving or convincing you how to practice.  It’s for discerning DCs who are tired of being just a face in the crowd.  They want to be ultra-successful using Chiropractic.  They care about their patients; anything other than win-win for their patients and themselves is unacceptable.  They won’t compromise their integrity for the sake of money.

If you’re urgent about moving the focus of your office from that 46-year-old guy with low back pain to difficult cases, kids, and wellness…then The New Renaissance is for you!

If you’re ready to start your journey, schedule a free consultation (phone or video) and let’s get your practice to where you want it to be.