What You Don’t Know About Patients Is Killing Your Practice!

what you don't know about patients

You graduated Chiropractic college with the clinical chops of a seasoned DC. You were one of the first to get your numbers in outpatient clinic. You passed your boards the first time, got your state license and proceeded to hit the ground running as a DC and serve your patients! You thought you had everything you needed to succeed. In your first few weeks you noticed something but were too young, enthusiastic and naïve to realize it at the time. No matter how good your technique, your philosophy, your billing software, and compliance manual was… Patients seemed to be unaware of these factors. They seemed like they had a hidden agenda…get rid of you as fast as possible!

We’ve all been there. One minute our patients are relating us to a deity, exalted and superhuman in the arena of symptomatic relief when nobody else could help them. And then it happens!  When they feel better they leave!

If you only knew this about patients, your practice would exponentially explode!

They have been trained all their lives to leave once they have gotten what they needed. No matter how great the adjustment and results are or how great their insurance coverage is, they still leave once they feel better!

They don’t know any better!

Two invisible mistakes you can correct today in your practice!

Some DCs unknowingly and unwittingly only offer pain relief care. No corrective care and no wellness. BIG MISTAKE!  The other mistake is rushing into the clinical without establishing a relationship of trust or emotional connection. BIG MISTAKE! Get to know your patients.

Patients only know what they have been trained to do all their lives. The solution to this problem is not to resist or fight against this reality, but simply offer more than pain relief in your office and let patients know they can trust you. You can lecture them all day and they still aren’t going to listen. Unless you correct these two invisible mistakes, they will simply leave.

But Dr. Kevin, doesn’t everyone want to be healthy?

Here is where the rubber meets the road…they already believe they are!  How many of us have encountered patients that come in on 5, 8 or 10 medications, are overweight, with all kinds of diseases and still look you in the eye (and by the way pass a polygraph test) and believe they are healthy? You’re not going to win the argument.

What if there was a better way?

Having coached almost 1,000 DCs, I love helping practitioners move from where they are, to where they want to be. Being able to practice the way you choose to (with purpose, passion and prosperity) is the ultimate gift in Chiropractic.

We have just created a great new way for DCs to find out what’s really going on in their practices. It’s our face to face digital consultation. First, simply fill out a painfully truthful, jaw dropping questionnaire about yourself and your practice and discover for yourself what personal and practical issues are holding you back from achieving the success levels you so desperately want.

Make no mistake about it, I am looking for DCs who know they are much better than what their practices are currently providing for them!

Some DCs are looking for that special someone in their corner to give them one-on-one guidance, while others are simply looking for solutions they can help themselves with.  That choice is up to you.

I love helping DCs climb out of old inefficient ways of doing things and show them just how simple it is to have a practice that reflects their true talents and abilities.

To schedule a free, 30-minute video consultation with Dr. Kevin, please fill out the form provided below. Once completed you may email it to us at info@coachingforchiropractors.com, or fax it to TNR HQ at 1-781-255-9444. From there, one of our staff members will gladly arrange an appointment for you! We hope to hear from you soon!

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