What could be more important than the adjustment?

what is more important than the adjustment?

Great news! You have a pleasant phone message or email announcing a brand new patient. It’s been a little while between new patients and you welcome the chance to get off the snide. She has a typical adult musculoskeletal problem, and she asks you if you accept a certain type of insurance. You’re out of network, but you know you can help her.

She probably is shopping (no referral name, she was vague) and will simply go to the first DC that is ‘in network’…or will she? What if she really is looking for a special DC like you? Are you going to push her away or attempt to communicate with her?

Lots of DCs in the extended TNR family receive these emails on a regular basis. Lots say “No, I’m not a provider” and that’s the end of it. A lot of people are lost in the healthcare delivery system and they can appear gruff, even when they aren’t. They are looking for help from a special DC.

What if there was a better way?

Let’s look at the facts: you have the clinical chops to help this person and then some. Due to insurance restrictions, you may never get the change to do so. If you give up, the woman may receive no help, suffer or just learn to live with it.

Beneath the adjustment is a far more critical factor than clinical skills alone. It’s the ability to communicate with another human being. The fact of the matter is, this woman may be very willing to undergo care out of network or even with CASH!

Just think of how many people over the years have loved your Chiropractic adjustments but still left, never to return.  It’s naive to think you aren’t a great adjuster…it comes down to how you communicate with patients.

Dear prospective patient,

Thank you for your inquiry about your health.  In my years as a DC, I’ve seen insurance policies come and go and change on a monthly basis.  Some people mistakenly think they know their coverage only to be surprised in the doctor’s office.  At my office, there are no surprises.  My policy has always been to have you come in, get to know you first, see if I feel comfortable with your case, and then, before any services are provided, I will let you know what is a covered service and which ones you will be responsible for.  Does that sound fair to you?

We have more members that are amazed at the simplicity of this and the results that happen.

This one simple thing might help your bottom line by more than $50,000 or more in just one year. Communication is the key to allowing you the opportunity to work your magic with your clinical skills.