How can helping kids on the Fort Peck Reservation, benefit my practice?

A Note From A LHNC Volunteer:

Enclosed is a very heartfelt donation to Love Has No Color. It seems as though every trip to the Fort Peck reservation teaches me a life lesson I need. This year was no different. This past year, so much more than before, I have been able to feel that connection that comes with sharing your love and energy with others. In years past, I almost felt awkward with the kids, not sure what they wanted from me, how they wanted me to be. This year I realized that all they wanted is for me to be myself-just as I am is good enough. When I was willing to reach out, that was all I needed to do. Through the day I found myself wearing many hats- teacher, Mom, and even playmate- and I was comfortable in all of them. I believe I reached this point because I am now willing to receive back from the world that good that I have tried to put forward. 

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something that has changed my life. LHNC has become a part of us.

how helping kids can benefit your practice

How can helping kids on the Fort Peck Reservation, benefit my practice?

Sometimes we can become so tangled and consumed in our practices that we forget about the importance of being connected to all people, a phenomenon coined by the Dalai Lama as ‘interconnectedness’. In our everyday lives we make the distinction between people we already know and unconsciously shut out people we don’t. We don’t mean to, it’s just our nature. We only concentrate on our families, friends and patients. However, as the First People say, ‘we are all one people’, and it is wise that we remember this.

I have noticed some common themes while guiding hundreds of DCs to the practice of their dreams. One that has become very apparent is how we all lose a bit of our MOJO and our spirit when we are constantly  with people who hold extremely limited beliefs about Chiropractic, insurance hassles and all the other seemingly endless responsibilities. However, when we became involved in a movement bigger than ourselves, the purpose and passion floods back into our lives. So many DCs have experienced sustainable, exponential income explosions as a result of participating in our world project, Love Has No Color. Over the years, I’ve witnessed DC after DC go to the reservation and come back a different person, with a renewed gratitude towards life and the drive to spread kindness to the world. Many DCs participated in missionary work while in school and then shut it down once they graduated, had families and generally got busy.

Being humanitarian and being ultra-successful are heads and tails of the same coin. If you deny the humanitarian part of yourself, it leaks into other parts of your life. It presents itself as coasting, thinking Chiropractic let you down, just going through the motions and concentrating only on the business side of practice. If being involved on a Native American reservation is too exotic for you, start locally with some small act of kindness or help out someone in your community.  Fire up that humanitarian dimension that has been dormant for too long!  You’ll be glad you did.