Droppin’ Fees Makes Your Patients Drop Like Flies!


Sometimes as a DC, it can seem like nobody wants to pay or commit to care.  They tell you how bad their problem is, however, they trivialize the solution.  If it’s not covered by insurance, they will go without!  Crazy, right? With a national patient visit average (how long a typical patient stays at your office) of 6-8 visits, it’s a buyers market, and they know it.  They think they have the ultimate choice, but do they really?

Most of us have a lot of ‘competing’ DCs around us, but we all attract different kinds of patients. So in reality, you aren’t fighting from a limited pool, you attract ‘your’ kind of people.  In other words, if all of your community decided to receive Chiropractic care, you couldn’t provide for them.

Great problem to have!

Most DCs are not mercenaries of profit, however, too many great DCs are out of fair exchange. As a result, they make the decision to appeal to more people by lowering their fees or their recommendations.

On paper, it sounds like a great idea, however, it signals to your community that you want to be all things to all people.

Simply can’t be done.

You can’t appeal to all the masses, it just doesn’t work that way. Lowering fees might be attractive, but it won’t keep your patients, and definitely will not help your practice grow!

You will notice a decrease in the quality of your patients and an increase in their demands and expectations…as well as a decrease in their referrals.

Your patients have lots of choices when it comes to selecting a Chiropractor.

One thing remains the same and that’s QUALITY!

Tutors, sports camps, band camps; you name it and there are the ones where you just write a check and accept everybody. Then, there’s the ones that not all people can attend or join.

That’s why if you’re lowering your fees and recommendations, you are signaling that you are a generalist, a face in the crowd DC, not a DC in a category or one or a specialist.

You tend to blend with all the other DCs trying to do the exact same thing, get patients by lowering fees. It just doesn’t work!

People have a whole lot less loyalty to a generalist.

Here is a quick guide to become a specialist:

  • Do you offer more than pain relief?  How about kids, difficult cases?
  • When you’re a specialist, you deserve all the rights and privileges that go along with it.
  • You’re not a generalist and you don’t want to be one!
  • Nothing right or wrong with either, specialist is much more in demand and people have a higher respect for and are willing to commit to the process.
  • Generalist follows trends and is okay with downsizing, lowering fees and losing respect for themselves and their practice.

There must be a better way and there is!

If you are lowering your fees, or accommodating your price for most of your patients to all of your patients, you need to find the better way, the TNR way!

Time for you to give me a call, I’ll walk you through the steps to make your practice grow!