Okay, I Can’t Keep A Secret…

While you slave away at being the musculoskeletal pain relief source in your community, Millennial and Gen X’s have something above and beyond back and neck pain they are not telling you about…

It’s their kids…they are in atrocious states of health!  They are searching and searching for solutions, but all they get are more tests, more diagnosis, but not more results.

It’s not your fault as a DC!  Most of your practice’s income is made up of adult pain relief.  You are also being coaxed into ‘easy money’ by limiting your practice to adult, low back and neck pain. In reality, Millennial and Gen X’s are perfectly willing to pay inside or outside of insurance.

Oh, they will come in for a few, forced visits until their pain relief abates or their insurance dries up, but with kids, they look at it more as a long-term investment, an opportunity to give their kids the best start in life.

They care more about their children than anything. Their child’s health is THE utmost important thing for a parent, especially in the Millennial and Gen X generations!

They have no idea of the nerve system’s role in their kid’s illness, emotional and social delays, etc.

Even if they hear about kids and Chiropractic online, it’s still very difficult for them to cross the lines of their previous medical beliefs.  It’s not their fault either, as they have been led to believe that all cures are a prescription away.

They tend to rely on prescription drugs because that is what they are used to…how sad is that?! Instead of being able to adjust, treat and help them, they look towards a bottle to cure any pain or illness that comes their way.

Doing something most DCs are not participating in is never easy.  Having kids front and center in your office will certainly offend patients that are fixed with a certain perception of Chiropractic and they aren’t going to change.  How many of us have had to endure the comparisons of your patients ‘old DC’?  It never seems to end until you finally start identifying yourself as a specialist, instead of merely a generalist.

The offices that are rocking and having the most fun are the ones that are leading the way when it comes to kid’s health.  By the way, they also handle all the aches and pain as well.

Instead of limiting their practices like all so many DCs, they choose to practice in a fashion that encourages people to be responsible for their health instead of allowing insurance companies to dictate how to care for people.

No right or wrong; just fit.  For decades, TNR has attracted DCs who are humanitarian, produce superior clinical results and earn 3, 5,10x the income of DCs who choose to limit their practices to pain relief only.

Time to tell them to throw away those prescription bottles!