YOU are the missing piece to the puzzle…

You’ve got great adjusting skills, check.  Your exam and diagnosis skills are okay, check.  Good location, good CA, check.  My patients seem to have more focus on their insurance benefits than their health, check.  Most of my patients are coming in for short-term pain relief, check.  I spend up to 40% of my workweek doing paperwork, chasing after insurance companies, ERH, compliance issues, check.  I live in constant fear of an audit, check.

 You are practicing just like a ‘face in the crowd’ DC.  You are doing what the DC down the street is doing. You are blending in…

You are being lumped in with what people think DCs do which is back and neck pain only.  Now, its your choice to limit your practice to adult pain relief, but you can’t complain about all the other stuff that goes with it.

To stand out from other doctors, you have to have a unique flavor or vibe.  Whenever you are unique, you are not going to appeal to all potential patients…that’s the point! You’ll stand out to them, they will notice you and remember you.

Is it really possible that every patient that walks thru your door is worth 3,5,10x that same patient walking into the office of the DC down the street?

A resounding yes! If you’re not blending in with all the other DCs.

 Attempting to appeal to all patients is just another way of demonstrating desperation.  It’s not that you can’t help people, it’s that they won’t commit to the process.  Have you ever felt like you cared more about the health of your patients than they did?

No matter how bad you want them to be healthier, you can’t “lift the weight” for them.  Selling them, closing them, convincing or proving may get short term results, but patients can feel your true intent.

Why not make it a win-win situation for both DC and the patient?  It’s not as hard as you think.

How can you distance yourself from being like all the other DCs?

  • Understand that people skills, communication skills allow great clinical skills to happen.  If they don’t understand who you are or what you stand for, they will only participate for a handful of visits.
  • Do you offer care above symptom relief only?  Millennials and Gen X’s will participate in ongoing care if they are educated.
  • Kids…oh, no this is a sore subject.  Millennials and Gen X’s are scorching the earth searching for doctors to help their health challenged kids.
  • Having real recommendations that don’t change inside or outside of insurance coverage.

There has never been a better time to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ or a ‘category of one’ DC that patients will gladly drive by 10 DCs to get to your office.  If this is the time for you to 3,5,10x the income of every new patient that walks thru your door, click or call me so I can understand your unique circumstances and see if we’re a great fit.