“You Cannot Make Me See Kids! Noooooo!”

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The New Renaissance Gallery

If you are already seeing lots of kids, reading this will bring a ready smile to your face.  If you are currently not seeing kids or stubbornly limiting your practice to adult, pain relief only, open yourself up to creating new possibilities with your current patients.

Graduating first in your class is an honor and a privilege that I cherish, but you can be the “know-it-all” about Chiropractic.  I had a major blind spot when it came to care for kids.  I thought that was for real doctors.  I graduated knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that children have no place in Chiropractor’s offices!

“You can’t make me see kids!”

 Sounds so silly to say now, but upon graduating that was my iron clad belief systems.  It took the strength and coaching ability of my mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia to put it in a way that I wasn’t giving up my academic, my clinical, my diagnosing abilities; I was adding to them.

There are some very scary things happening very quickly in Chiropractic.  From audits, to administrative and paperwork activities costing you 50% of your work week, I think most will agree that far too many DCs are totally out of fair exchange.  New graduates being welcomed into this great profession at $30,000 a year is no way to nurture the next generation.  10 year established DCs no further along in economics as when they opened is not a healthy sign for doctors, the profession or society.

What gives?

Here’s a premise for you:  If you would be open to this new concept, this will create a 3,5,10x difference in your current income!

Just this one concept!

Even if you don’t choose to, or if it doesn’t come naturally to you, Millennials and Gen X parents are desperately searching for solutions to their kid’s health challenges.

They are impressed with results, not the letters next to your name.

Yes, you can refuse to see kids, (like I did upon graduating) but you are making a statement to Millennials and Gen X that their kids don’t matter…or that Chiropractic is merely an adult, natural pain reliever.

You have to realize that Millennials and Gen X parents are the “do-gooder” parents. They will do what ever it takes for their child to be healthy. Their children are all what matter to them, just like it should be.

Of all of the recognized doctors, we are the only ones to refuse to see kids across the board.

My mentor challenged me to see patients that were one year younger than my youngest at the time.  Then another year younger, and so on…until seeing kids was the ‘new norm’ in my practice.

When you help kids, parents are only too willing to pay outside of insurance reimbursement, cooperate fully and give you their best effort.

That’s a far cry from the demanding patients you have now!

So for obvious humanitarian reasons as well as economic (it’s a win-win for everybody) ones, seeing kids will morph your office into a specialist’s office or a category of one that people want to participate in, rather than a place they have to be convinced, sold or closed.

They will even drive by lots of generalist pain relief DCs to get to your office.

Kids spines are just like adults spines, except they’re a little smaller.