Your Subconscious Doesn’t Like You, and You Don’t Like Him Either!

That worry you have doesn’t go away overnight…but it can go away over time

You know that heavy feeling you keep having? It affects your every day life, your practice, your staff, and your patients. The more you stress yourself, the more you are stressing everything around you. 

It’s your turn to break through that stress.

Take the hammer and shatter it!

DC’s like to think that new patients are the solution to all things practice…WRONG.

Retention is the solution.

When you get a patient that continues to come back, even when they aren’t necessarily in pain anymore, that will earn you 3,5,10x your present income.

Those patients that continue to come in refer you to their friends and family, and then it gets passed on!

My job isn’t to teach you how to be a Chiropractor. You already know that from school!

My job is to coach you through the difficulties in your practice, and therefore in your life. I’ve helped over a thousand DCs get where they were to where they wanted to be, and now it’s your turn!

Those subconscious thoughts that drag you down are the least of your worries, now that you have me.

“You can’t do it”, You won’t do it’, and You aren’t cut out for this” will turn into “You can do it, you will do it, and you are better than you think”.

Stop second guessing yourself. Life isn’t about playing it safe, it’s about taking risks. I am one of those risks you need to take!

Joining TNR isn’t just to help better your practice, it also will help break through your fears, and your worries in life.

Don’t settle for being a “meh” Chiropractor…