It’s Time To Be The ‘Tom Brady’ of Chiropractors…

You are only doing what you were trained to do.  Adult, pain relief with a smattering of maintenance patients.  Your days are filled with complaining, scheming and negotiating patients. Why does it seem nearly impossible to attract quality new patients and keep them?

Ah, the changing of the guard, the pendulum has swung and Gen X and Millennials have made it painfully clear (pun intended), that just pain relief is simply not relevant to them.

It just isn’t relevant to them, they have too many choices and too little loyalty.

They want more and will scour the earth through apps and social media *cough cough * for solutions. 

You’ve done all the predictable things to attract new patients to replace the departing ones.  You’ve done screenings, you’ve spoken outside of your office, you’ve even started ‘dabbling’ in social media advertisements and the result is…

More of the same!

Low quality, demanding, commitment disabled, can’t meet their expectation patients.

Did I mention that they don’t like to pay outside of insurance and they only want pain relief?

There’s got to be a better way…and there is!

Gen X’s and Millennials demand that their Chiropractors be more than one trick ponies.

In other words, they will come in for a few, insurance dependent, pain driven visits, but if you want them to participate in your office, there has to more than just pain relief!

The key to Gen X and Millennials hearts is their children!

Once you communicate to a Millennial or Gen X that you are all about kid’s health, there is a rapid shift in their behavior from flight and avoidance to commitment plus!

The most fun I get is when a DC realizes their ‘superhero’ powers and moves in the direction of family care and not only is it more fulfilling, its also more economically satisfying.

It also once and for all unchains the DC from the authority and tyranny of the 3rd party pay.

Freedom to practice the way you always have wanted to practice transforms your office into a community where people want to participate in, rather than a place they have to be convinced, sold or closed.

Regardless of how many DCs are in your area, patients will drive by practice after practice to get to your office.

Gen X’s and Millennials respond so much more to specialists rather than generalists.

A specialist is more like a celebrity in their minds than a generalist. A specialist is a Tom Brady. Think about it this way, whether you are a Brady fan or not (we don’t judge…okay sort of, GO PATS!) Brady knows how to play. He knows the game, AND knows his players. He practices, communicates, understands, listens and takes control. I mean, we didn’t just win 5 SuperBowls for nothing!!

If you want to grow, start communicating to your patients and prospective patients that you of course can take care of all types of pain, but you offer family care and corrective care as well.

Being a specialist sure beats being a generalist!

“As a Millennial, money isn’t a major issue for me. I can scrape up what I can to afford treatment. But it takes the RIGHT person for me to be comfortable, and continue to come back. Pain relief can only go so far. For me to come back, for me to spend a greater amount of money, I need a connection. I need to feel safe and relaxed, while you treat me.” – Carly V.

Come see how every patient that walks into your office is worth 3,5,10x the same patient that walks into the DC’s office down the street! That DC is making what YOU should be making. It’s up to you, if you want to be better, be stronger and have those patients you deserve! Your sign up is just a click or call away…

Just a reminder…YOU are the only one who is holding YOURSELF back. Take action!