Exposing Silent Roadblocks on the Journey to Personal and Professional Growth

Dr. Stephanie Spiers NPO

Dr. Stephanie preforming an NPO at our latest TNR Quarterly Seminar, which she rocked at!

     It’s taken me awhile to write this because I’ve struggled with exactly how to put into words the impact my head-to-head is having on my life. I actually wrote a testimonial on the plane home but as time has gone by (about a month) I’m realizing that it just doesn’t do justice to what actually happened that day. I went into the H2H prepared for a great day and, what I hoped, would be a life changing experience.

I got that and more.

Dr. Kevin was able to see things in me that I had long forgotten and exposed them as silent roadblocks to my personal growth and success in life and practice. He gave me the tools and steps to release the hold these experiences and beliefs  are having on my life. I’m slowly implementing the steps and already experiencing a massive shift in my outlook, confidence and vision for my life. The most valuable thing I gained from the H2H is a relationship unlike any other I have or have ever had in my life. I am truly grateful that I’ve been led to Dr. Kevin and TNR and am so excited for the bright future I can now see (and believe) for myself!

  -Dr. Stephanie Spiers