Extraordinary Week

This week has been extraordinary.  No, there were no seminars, no speaking engagements, and no ‘big events’ to make it so.  It was the little things that all came together, once again enforcing why we love what we do, and why every DC needs to have some TNR in their life.

We have private teachings here, called Head to Heads (H2H).  The members gets out of their ‘comfort zone’ (their office) and comes to their coach’s office for a day-long teaching, one-on-one with their Chiropractic coach.  Many things come from H2H’s that cannot be achieved over the phone on regular coaching calls.  For one, you cannot lie, or fib, to your coach while looking them in the eye.  Dr. Kevin & Dr. Ed are pretty up to snuff, and they will call you on your BS.  Nothing is sugar-coated during a H2H.  You will work and work and work and work on the very things that are holding you back, until they are gone from your life.  There is confrontation in H2H’s, there is often crying, and there is always breakthroughs in every sense of the word.

Dr. Kevin had two H2H’s this week at TNR headquarters, and they both happened to be females.  One, introverted and having little faith in herself and Chiropractic, the other going through a really rough patch in her personal life.  Both walked out new women.  No, we’re not kidding.  They left with a hop in their step, and with new tools to change their lives.  They now have the answer to anything that comes their way.  They are solid.  Another ‘sister’ in TNR even had a delicious treat, to cheer up the second DC, delivered to headquarters so she would know that she has a support system and that her TNR family is there for her whenever she needs them.  Needless to say, she was touched and emotions were all over the place.

If you are a TNR member and it has been a couple of months since your last H2H…get one scheduled NOW.  Even if you go to every seminar, you need that individualized touch to tie it all together.  You really do.  Not a TNR member?  Join today- H2H’s come standard with membership.  We can’t have it any other way.  You can never truly grasp everything without this personalized attention and dedicated time (like your patients truly understanding Chiropractic).

Not only were the H2H’s incredible, but we were swarmed with emails from members relishing in their record weeks and record days.  It feels so good to know we’re making a difference in people’s lives.  So good.  The point of all this is not to brag or say we’re the best coaching group there ever was…we are just so proud of the effort our members are putting forth and the results they’re seeing from those efforts.  We don’t do anything for these people…we show them tools, or avenues, to get there…but they do all the heavy lifting and deserve everything in return.  When you believe in something and allow it to believe in you, miracles occur and that’s just what we’re seeing here at TNR.