A Message of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we give you this message of hope and prosperity – whose times have come. Dr. Joe Flesia was our mentor. He believed in us at a time when we doubted our own abilities. When he asked us to carry the torch (continue to teach future generations), Ed and I were honored…and scared silly. On his deathbed, Dr. Joe asked us if he could count on us to bring vision to the world. We made a promise to a dying old man that we would treat the vision as sacred and would not water down the vision.

“I leave all that I have to you because you are the one to carry the big vision to future generations. My work is near done. With love and respect, Dr. Joe Flesia” 12/12/1998

Long before there was TNR, there was Renaissance. In 1977, Dr. Joe Flesia and Dr. Guy Riekeman (President of Life University) teamed up and brought Chiropractic out of the dark ages and gave it a new identity of timeless beauty. It now had the heavy ammunition of science, integrated with philosophy to generate some of the largest practices ever seen. Philosophy was finally made practical, so the patient ‘got it.’ Instead of using Chiropractic for healing only, there was a new dimension to be expressed…WELLNESS! Long before the holistic scene arrived, there was the principle of ongoing wellness to assist man in evolving more toward his/her true potential…not being symptom free. By removing interference to the perfection within on an ongoing basis…what would the effect on society be?

The cornerstone of these teachings was patient education and communication skills. The end result was relationships formed, understanding and participation, rather than another natural healing method. Children were front and center in Chiropractic offices by design, and responsible parents brought their kids in for sickness and for wellness. The first scientific research was made practical of Traumatic Birth Syndrome/subluxation during the birth process. The complete system of patient education made sense to the doctors, their practice members and FINALLY people could understand the true essence of Chiropractic.

They were also the first to link the Predicament of the Species (the downward spiral of humanity) to interference to the perfection within; not the lack of supplements, or more allopathic treatment, or the need for more technology. By constant and continual removal of interference there would be an unfolding of HUMANITY instead of an unfolding of more of what has been done in the past.

It started with the integrity of the Chiropractor. Who they were and what they stood for. When we started our Native American world project Love Has No Color, we are addressing the Predicament of the Species…PERIOD! The lowest health index in our country happens to be on a Reservation in MT, but it’s everywhere, including your town. We can see the old man smile as he says in his baritone and scratchy voice, “Kevin, Ed…you guys are on to something big…REALLY BIG!” Imagine Chiropractors leading the charge, doing something that nobody else could do for over 500 years. Humanitarian all the way, for the highest good, no politics or bureaucracy welcomed. We thank you for that Dr. Joe; for showing us the way and passing the torch.

Dr. Guy Riekeman, president of Life University. Dr. Guy has pledged (another) undergraduate and Chiropractic scholarship for a Native American to become a DC. To cut through the poverty, the extreme hopelessness, drugs, alcohol, and ignorance…there has to be education leading the way. We thank you Dr. Guy, for not just being interested in the cause…but for making it happen.

Kenny Smoker, tribal programs specialist for the Fort Peck Reservation. A special thank you for seeing our vision. The first person on the Reservation to embrace our vision and help us to make it a reality. Understand it?  Perhaps not. But believe in us?  ABSOLUTELY!

Dr. Terry Rondberg, president of the WCA and Chiropractic Journal fame. By opening up a whole slice of the Chiropractic profession and teaming up with our vision, Dr. Terry has helped to expand the vision. He heard about LHNC and said, “I’m in…what can I do to help out”? We thank you, Dr. Terry.

Dr. Ed Plentz, my business partner, mentor, and reality check on everything we come up with. Makes the impractical practical and the dream, a reality. Without you, many of my dreams and visions would remain unrealized and unavailable to help mankind. Fire-hardened by Dr. Joe, as was I. A true testament to human spirit realized. Thank you.

Lastly our present, past and future Chiropractic coaching members. Without your spirit, your love and your participation, the vision would be a whimsical, philosophical musing – something you’d hear at an Ivy League school, and far away from the real world. You took our rough and evolving vision and placed it in your offices, on the Reservation, in your families and most of all in your hearts. For that we thank you eternally.

With love and thanksgiving,

Dr. Kevin Pallis