A last-minute push for Christmas on the Reservation!

Well, your gifts should be packed and already on their way to the Reservation…but if they’re not and you are collecting last-minute gifts, here’s a little motivation to fuel that fire!  The video below was created by Roger White, a Native American on the Reservation that teaches the Assiniboine language to the children. He officiates our sweat lodge ceremonies when we are there for Boot Camp. We will be delivering extra gifts to his nearby Reservation where more children need our help.  That means we need more gifts!


If you have not already figured this out…Christmas on the Reservation is not just about giving needy children toys and making them happy for one day. This is a lifelong promise we have made to each child on that Reservation, and we are going to change their health, their living conditions, their mindsets, their success levels, and their Native Pride if we have to die doing so. We will not give up on these suppressed children.

Also, with Thanksgiving tomorrow, Ed and I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to have people like you in our lives. This year has be quite a ride from traveling across the country to speak for various groups and our big push with our Love Has No Color world project. You see, you have helped grow our vision of making ‘Healthier people = a healtheir planet’ a reality. Just by coaching, participating in seminars, or by purchasing pamphlets, you have helped these children on the reservation.

With the joint efforts of Dr. Terry Rondberg, the WCA, and IOM, we will be paving way for research in Chiropractic wellness for the first time in history. Our efforts on the Reservation are going to prove to the world the impact of Chiropractic on a very deprived society with actual data.

As you may know, Thanksgiving has many orgins. In the United States, when the colonists first arrived, there was not enough food to feed the colony of Plymouth. With the help of the Wanpanoag tribe, the cononists were given seeds and taught how to fish in their new land. Thanksgiving is celebrated as a historical moment between the colonists and Native Americans. Unfortunately, as history tells, our Native friends were taken from their lands by us, and imprisoned on isolated Reservations. These people that once taught us how to fish and fend for ourselves, are now living in third world conditions.

We want to thank all of you for your love and generosity in helping make Love Has No Color a reality. We also want to recognize all of you for your gift donations for Christmas on the Reservation. We belive this will be our best year yet!


Dr. Kevin & Dr. Ed