I Found My Home Again

Dr. Carly Sorrell’s take on “Growing Together” and her decision to join the TNR FamilyThe New Renaissance

Wow, the time has finally come, I’ve been accepted to chiropractic school. Ever since I can remember I wanted to be a doctor and if someone asked me why I would always say, “to help people!” Some would say,” follow your dreams,” or ” she has high expectations,” or they would laugh at me. I knew deep down inside my true passion was to become a doctor who was going to help people feel fantastic and nothing would get in my way!

So I got to school soaking up all the knowledge I could, full of excitement to finally be learning about the things I’ve always wanted to know, and much more. I was finally around others that had similar views and interests; being around each other 24/7, you create a close-knit bond that doesn’t feel like it will ever end. Developing a new family along the way, a new home was created. Four years had gone by and now graduation was here–everyone’s talking about where they are going to open up practice–and we all start moving away to start practicing, associating, have babies…or sadly enough, some don’t ever practice. As reality is setting in you try not to get sucked into conforming with society while you are trying to stay strong and true to your beliefs and values on a natural, “vitalistic” lifestyle. The bonds that were created will never go away, but the daily support that you got from each other dwindles. You might stay in contact once a month, then once every few months, then maybe once or twice a year. You get caught up in your own life trying to figure out how to keep your door open, and challenges grow while living week to week.

Along with always wanting to become a doctor, another dream of mine was to be a wife and a mother. And, so it goes, I drank the water at chiro school and found myself marrying my best friend. He is also a chiropractor and the father of our three amazing children. In our journey together, we decided that he would practice and I would stay at home until our youngest was in school all day. We faced many challenges along the way. Coming out of school, my naturalistic lifestyle (or ” hippie ways” as my husband would say) were branded and stronger than before I started chiropractic school. Once again, I felt like the odd man out trying to make new friends when every play date conversation revolved around baby well-check visits, vaccines, or “this is my over-the-counter drug recipe for when my child is sick”. My chiropractic communication skills suffered as well; for one, I wasn’t using it on a daily basis anymore, and two, when I did say something I would get a nod and then they would turn their head the other way. The pathway from my heart to my mouth wasn’t paved. I had been keeping up with my continuing education credits these past nine years, but throughout those years, I always felt like there was something missing.

I felt lost, too, knowing my husband Ryan and I needed help with our relationship and at the office. I remember when we were at a convention two years ago walking into a philosophy seminar; I always walk away pumped up from those, but this one in particular hit home and blew me away. I was trying to hold back the tears so I wouldn’t be sobbing through their entire talk. Right away I knew this is what I was searching for, these are the guys that are going to help me express this burning flame I have inside for Chiropractic.

After joining The New Renaissance with Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin, and being overjoyed and overwhelmed every day, I was excited to learn more. The transformation that has happened within the past year has been tremendous, my relationship with Ryan is stronger, and the office continues to grow. I recently went to the Indian Paint Brush Ranch with TNR. I had some expectations of the weekend, but until you go to an event you don’t know what it’s going to bring out of you. Each one of these events helps build your character and define who you are…where you want to be and what you want out of life. I went there knowing I would have to break down some of the walls I have built around myself in order to grow. It’s not until I was there that I realized how much weight I was carrying on my shoulders.

Being there, you really have the opportunity to allow yourself to open up and let go. Another part of myself that I have suppressed over the years is my spirit. It’s a part of us that needs to be nurtured in order to maintain balance. The horseback riding did this for me, I opened up my spirit and let go of any fears in order to create a stronger connection with the horse’s spirit. Repelling the rock, I was able to get rid of two very strong emotions (which were lies that I created in my own mind) that caused myself to be held back.

The whole experience of the weekend was transcendental and incredibly powerful. The love and support that was given and received was so genuine and true. It wasn’t until the last day that I found the one thing I had been longing for: I found my home again, I wasn’t lost anymore.

Thank you, TNR family, from the bottom of my heart and soul for being there for me and believing in me. I am thankful everyday that our paths crossed. My vision has always been strong and true to chiropractic, you helped make the light shine much brighter and with greater ease.

Yes, I want to help people, I want to educate as many parents and soon-to-be parents on the true potential within all of us and whoever comes into our office. Through love, integrity and service we will address the subluxations causing interference, so that the innate wisdom of the body is able to reach it’s true potential on a higher level of health.