The New Renaissance: A Student's Perspective

written by DC2B Megan Scherer

Throughout my time at Life University I have learned a great deal about chiropractic and about myself. I am very thankful for everything I have gained from being a student here. However, as I was reaching the end of my time as a student, I realized several things. First of all, I had mixed feelings about starting my career. I was excited to help people and to share my energy and passion for chiropractic with others, but I wasn’t quite sure how to accomplish that. I have no background in business, so the thought of starting my own was definitely terrifying. At the same time, I couldn’t picture myself working for anyone else. Secondly, there was no room for failure in this business. Between my fiancé and I, who are both in chiropractic school, we have accumulated an impressive amount of student loans. With so many options for coaching, practice management groups, and mentors, it can be overwhelming. I knew I didn’t want to sign some long-term contract that I would be locked into, or have someone else own my office name and business. None of these options interested me personally, until I heard about The New Renaissance.

My first introduction to The New Renaissance was listening to Dr. Kevin speak at a club meeting on Thursday. One of my friends, who is a TNR student member, invited me to join her. I was so impressed by his energy and the fact that he gave some useful information during his talk. This was a refreshing change from many other speakers who tell us how great they are, but don’t share how to accomplish anything! After that, I was definitely interested in learning more about TNR. My friend shared with me all the information and confidence she had gained from being a student member. I went to club a few more times, and I knew I liked everything I was hearing. My favorite part of TNR was their focus on family practice, and how to create a wellness practice. This was exactly what I wanted, since I was already planning to specialize in pediatrics and pregnancy. I was making excuses for myself about being stressed and busy with my school schedule, and dragging my feet at the thought of spending so much money at once. Now, in my last 3 months of school, I finally became a TNR student member! I have absolutely no regrets about spending the money. Even glancing through the material and speaking with Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed, I know I made the right decision. For the first time, I feel a little more at ease about starting my own business, and I am so excited to get started!