Going Shopping at MasterMind

A Dr. Lisa Graham Testimonial:

“There is a time and a place for all things under the sun.  From whisperings of spooky swamp water, hanging upside down from trees, puking outside of the infamous barn… I was not sure what this head to head was going to ask of me or reveal.  As always, I traveled with trepidation and excitement to visit Boston’s treasure, Mr. Miagi himself and team, on none other than Halloween.  The complexity of this man never ceases to amaze me. 

Instead of the intense brain, heart, or muscle induced coma of my previous h2h experiences, we laughed until we were almost crying.  Our focus, a brilliant, creative and somewhat crafty idea of how I can ask for a community filled with Heartland referrers who keep on referring… from the tale of the two rolls of TP in the bathroom to the 2 types of water we serve, our patients will be getting the message.  We salute those who contribute to the betterment of life in our community and who tell their friends and family about the difference Heartland creates in their lives and BRING THEM IN!!! 

I am SO excited to get back and create an office setting filled with these messages and the shenanigans of laughter and loyal following they will surely create.  Creative systems are set in place to protect; the joyous child within us all can act up!  The girls did a fantastic job of role-playing the moments where I go from encouraging cheerleader to boundary setting, courageous Doctor.  This H2H experience didn’t end there, no no, it culminated in a delicious RED CARPET lunch of my all time FAV’s – spaghetti and home made ice cream cake.  (Yes, my birthday request for years, oh how do they do it!?!) And, I got to wear a princess hat!!!   Then, a wonderful ride back to the airport with Mrs. Miagi.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  I was uncertain how Dr. Kevin was going to make it ok for me to SUPERCHARGE our community, I trusted he’d be able to… but, I didn’t know how.  Now, I see it clearly.  PORTAGE la PRAIRIE – watch out, you’re about to be BLOWN AWAY in HEALTH!!!  And, in the next 2 weeks we are going to be attracting in new patients like crazy, as I have some shopping to do at the 7 figure master mind and I intend to bring out the big girl card!
Lots of love and SUPER THANK YOU to Dr. Kevin, Dr. Julie, Rachel and Emily!!!  I am so blessed and so is my community because of all of you<3″

Dr. Lisa Princess Hat