Dc2Bs Share Their Total Immersion Experiences!

“TI was a once in a life time experience. Even if I were to do it again, I can’t imagine two would be the same. I learned more about myself in one weekend than I have in years. It was amazing to see I could trust complete strangers and at the end they became family. The power and compassion the group had was motivating. I know now that if I put my mind to anything I can achieve it. What a positive impact TNR has made on me. I am forever grateful and I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish in the future!!!”– DC2B Nikki Hirshowitz

Nikki Total Immersion 2014
“Total ImmChristy Total Immersion 2014ersion was captivating.  I’m not sure where to begin, or how to even describe it all.  For a lot of people, you hear ‘breakthrough’ event
and think,’ok, I can break a board or I can handle this in front of a bunch of strangers without making a fool of myself’…or at least I did.
  So you get there, and within hours these people suddenly aren’t strangers, they’re an energy family.  They’re cheering you on, genuinely caring
about your success and your getting past your fears and the bs that makes you less whole.  The whole time you’re riding this energy, and adding to it
when it’s another person’s turn to shine.  Most people have never felt this much love and energy within their own families.  So then you have a giant breakthrough and the emotion is almost too much to handle.  You’re shaking, you’re rattled, you’re damn proud.  You think you can’t get much higher. 

Oh, but you can, and you do.  The energy of this family you have created, and the exercises turn your bland world into a blank canvas that you realize is already so many beautiful colors.

I experienced gratitude, excitement for the future, putting plans into action that are taking me to the next level, and the joy of watching my energy family have beautiful breakthroughs.  Total Immersion is not just for those down in the dumps, or down on collections.  As I write this one week later, still riding the high, I encourage you to get to Brooklyn for the next TI.  TI could literally change the world.”– DC2B Christy Taylor

Colby Total Immersion

“I don’t even know where to start with what to say.  It was transformational, but you have to experience it to know what that means. I connected with people in ways I didn’t know was possible.  I broke through barriers I didn’t know I could. It was life changing, and I’m excited to see how the mental and emotional changes materialize in my life.”– DC2B Colby Giles about his first TI experience

“Total Immersion completely surpassed all of my expectations. I had an “idea” of what it was going to be like but actually experiencing it for myself and attaching meaning to each of the breakthrough events I realize now that I really had no idea at all. I discovered things about myself that were holding me back from being my best self. Not only did I get to demolish those fears forever, I got the opportunity to do so with a group of incredibly supportive people whose personal breakthroughs empowered me just as much as my own. Words are truly meaningless when it comes to this event; you must experience it for yourself. The impact it has had and will continue to have onRandi Jo Total Immersion 2014 my life is immeasurable.”

— DC2B Randi Jo Pallis