Total Immersion Rocked!!!

Is it our imagination or does TI just keep getting better? DCs, CAs, DC2Bs, non-DCs, 17-year old high school seniors…it all works! Losing the fear, getting centered, feeling rejuvenated, reclaiming your high level of achievement, and finding inner peace has never been more fun. The island dancers were doing “their thing.” TNR’s own Rachel experienced her first TNR event and what huge breakthroughs she had. The TNR club at Life University infused their energy into the group! Seeing the next generation of TNR DCs was positively awesome. What a gift to coach as a student! A DC2B, who is ready to graduate, gushed to Dr. Kevin, “Now I can open my own practice…I’m not terrified anymore!”


The humility to work on our own flaws (and our teammates’ and spouses’) to serve better, is awe-inspiring. Below the line, people just keep doing things ineffectively without ever looking inward. There were so many frowns, anger, doubt, and low levels of achievement that were being replaced by smiles and “I can do this” attitudes. The group had such high resonation that everyone insisted that the fire walk didn’t seem hot at all. It was the same deal with the sweat lodge–the heat wasn’t so bad (well okay, the 4th burn was hot). The next TI is April 17th and 18th, 2015, and we have only 1 on the schedule for next year, so don’t miss your opportunity to get rid of your “excess baggage.”




Total Immersion 2014 Group Pic