Dr. Ryan Sorrell Discusses His Hesitation to Join TNR Because of the Finances

“My wife and I have been apart of TNR since April of 2013, and the experience has literally been transformational!  When I first got into practice, we were introduced to a coaching group. This group helped us establish our practice, and with their model, we grew–quadrupling our practice in a short time.  However, as time went by we realized that we really didn’t align with their philosophy and because of this we were limited in our growth!
So for a few years we floated just above water in our practice and the stress started to grow.  Fortunately, I have an amazing wife that will follow her intuition regardless of my stubbornness!  In the Spring of 2013, we both attended our state’s convention and having heard Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin before, I thought she would would enjoy what they had to say.  Well after that one seminar, my wife decided that we were in!  I gotta tell ya I was hesitant, but only because of the financial investment!  So despite my hesitation, I was gonna follow my wife’s inner voice. It was either that or sleep on the couch for a while!
Let me tell ya, I’m glad we joined!  The difference between TNR and the other group that we were with previously, was night and day!  Both groups helped us to grow our practice, but the real difference between the two was that TNR gave us the tools to enhance our personal lives. TNR isn’t just about practice growth, but in the growth of the doctor as well!
Due to this we not only grew in six months, but are continuing to grow.  In the 8 months that we were with TNR in 2013, we saw an increase of 50k in our practice, and this year we are on track to go over 100k.  It’s not all about the numbers, but the reason that we gave numbers is because we know that there are a lot of doc’s out there who are hesitant in the investment that it takes to be mentored.
So if you do the math, by the end of this year we will have had over a 150K boost to our income since joining. Not a bad return on investment!  Whether you are out in practice or a student, we highly encourage you to invest in yourself, and your future, the TNR way!
Drs. Carly and Ryan Sorrelldrryansorrelldrcarlysorrell