Had enough yet?

You name the circumstance and I’ve seen a DC in it…at least I had thought until the pandemic blindsided us. This pandemic is unprecedented. But, I have helped many DCs through financial, marital, and board trouble. I’ve helped with kids, health challenges, and malpractice. All of this has prepared me to help DCs with the latest adversity.

Adversity will expose your weaknesses, flaws, and weak links in your practice. When things are going great, insurance is paying, and new patients are plentiful, one can ignore those weaknesses or pretend they aren’t there.

You can’t ignore or pretend any longer!

You can’t practice the way you did pre-Corona. If you stubbornly attempt to and refuse to adapt, you will pay the price of evaporating retention, referrals, new patients, and your bottom line will shrivel.

You are going to finally have to consider taking a big step toward becoming more principled and open minded to adapt and thrive instead of stubbornly plowing ahead using outdated, financially unrewarding practice methods.  

Gen X’s and Millennials have spoken and will pay full fees inside or outside of insurance for Chiropractic care above and beyond adult, pain relief only. Did you notice in your community that the more principled family offices kept serving their people, when other pain relief only offices were forced to close their doors?

No right or wrong here. I’m not here to convince or prove to you how to practice. Times have changed in true digital fashion in a matter of a few months. Only the strong and those willing to adapt will continue to help lots of people and prosper.

If you refuse to upgrade and adapt, you may never earn the income you did pre-Corona.

Maybe you’ve been in practice for only a short period of time and you got rocked by the current circumstances. Or perhaps you’ve been at it for awhile and you just don’t know which way to turn.

Here’s your invitation to have a no stress, no pressure call or video conference with me about your current situation.

If you are not willing to invest in your future and think that the government, insurance companies, or the tooth fairy is going to bail you out and make things right, I’m not your guy.

I appeal to those DCs who have always believed they have an untapped potential within and are willing to accept guidance to actualize this potential to reach their goals.

I am speaking not only about your current earning power, I am speaking about the rest of your career!

If you’ve had enough, there is no better time to have a Miyagi in your corner.

Click here to schedule a FREE consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!