Sitting on the bench isn’t an option

Regardless of your philosophical slant, your all in-ness, your responsibility to and for people, you can’t abandon your people. It’s simply not an option. If there ever was a time to step up, it’s now.  

Even if you don’t believe in Chiropractic or your current ability level, open your mind to upgrading your skill level. Your practice members will surprise you. The ones you thought that understood Chiropractic have headed for the hills and the ones you thought wouldn’t continue care haven’t missed an adjustment.

You can learn how to become a better doctor with better clinical abilities, communication skills, and more confidence and courage. These are learnable skills. Even great oak trees started out as acorns.

There are DCs who are not only surviving, they are thriving. Adversity allows the strong and principled DCs to survive the storm. There are so many people in the US who will never experience Chiropractic care. We can’t afford to lose one DC who chooses to serve. 

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